Testosterone Decanoate (Neotest 250)

Testosterone Decanoate profile

Testosterone Decanoate has been used as a part of the testosterone blend Sustanon 250 for a long time. Recently, it has become available on its own in a product called neatest 250. The decanoate ester makes this testosterone drug stay in the blood stream for an extended period of time, allowing the user to inject only once a week and still have strong gains to show from it.

Like all testosterone drugs, Neotest 250 will give the user large gains in strength and muscle mass, burn body fat, increase libido, increase the red blood cell count, increase IGF-1 levels and ease the recovery from strenuous workouts. And like all testosterone drugs, the effects of aromatization are likely as well.

Testosterone Decanoate usage and dosage

Because the decanoate ester is so long lasting, users will only need to inject the drug once a week. The drug itself doesn’t fully leave the body for 15 days. Users sometimes stack Neotest 250 with Deca-Durabolin and inject them at the same time, as they will last in the body the same amount of time. Doses as little as 250 mgs/week will see results and extreme doses of 1000 mgs/week have been recorded with little side effects, although use of an aromatose inhibitor is a must at extreme doses.

Testosterone Decanoate side effects

Testosterone Decanoate contains a 17-alpha alkaloid and is therefore liver toxic. Prolonged use can cause serious liver damage. Other side effects include the usual effects of aromatization –gynocomastia, acne, aggressive behavior, shutting down the body’s hormone production, etc. Women should stay away from Neotest 250, as it will cause a strong virilization effect.

Testosterone Decanoate availability

Testosterone Decanoate is sold under the name Neotest 250 and is produced by the Mexican drug company Loeffler. On the black market, a 10cc vial can be purchased for around $100.

Testosterone Decanoate research

Neotest 250 has only been in production for a short time, but it has been used in medical circles to fight anemia and help cure muscles wasted by diseases such as AIDS.


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